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08/27/2019 "Kafka Journey Not Over for Local Scholar" San Diego Union-Tribune
08/27/2019 "Finding the Lost Works of Franz Kafka" KUSI TV Evening News
10/14/2018 "Who Was Kafka's Last Love?" San Diego Union-Tribune
12/2017 (reissue) Kafka's Accomplice (German review; Kafkas Komplizin)
02/03/2017 "Unraveling a Nazi Mystery: Are Franz Kafka�s Missing Love Letters in Berlin?.
09/20/2016 Dispatch from Berlin: 2016 Kafka Project Research
03/04/2016 Escape Into Life: Kafka's Last Love Book Review with Art
10/31/2015 Kafka Project on KFMB Radio on Halloween
10/26/2015 "Magical Literary History Tour on TravelDew�
6/26/2015 "Kathi Rewrote History" in Jewish Telegraph in UK
6/8/2015 Kafka Day and "100 Years of The Metamorphosis" at San Diego Public Library
6/7/2015 "How Reading Kafka Makes You Smarter"
5/26/2015 Dora Diamant Day in London: "Against Forgetting"
2/18/2015 Kafka Project Tour video highlights
1/15/2015 "Unraveling a Nazi Mystery: Are Franz Kafka�s Missing Love Letters in Berlin?.
5/6/2014 "Die Fraue, die K. gluecklich machte" (The Woman Who Made Kafka Happy) Book review in Swiss newspaper, Tages-Anzeiger.
5/1/2014 Interview with author Kathi Diamant
3/1/2014 "The Dramatic Life of Dora Diamant" Book review in Fifty-Fifty
3/1/2014 "Not Only Kafka's Last Love" Book review in "Virginia" Women's Book News
1/21/2014 The New York Times calls Kafka's Last Love "fascinating"
12/7/2011 "On the Trail of Franz Kafka in Eastern Europe"
12/5/2011 LA Times "On the trail of Kafka's Love Life"
10/1/2011 Women's Radio Network "Kafka Project's History & Magical Mystery Tour"
8/24/2011 Nurnburger Nachrichten "The Last Love of the Writer Franz Kafka"
3/31/2011 "Kafka, l'ultimo misteroè nascosto in un frigorifero" La Stampa Cultura
9/26/2010 "Kafka's Last Trial" New York Times Sunday Magazine
8/26/2010 "Kafka Controversy Primer" by Kathi Diamant
7/26/2010 Were Lost Kafka Manuscripts Stashed in a Swiss Bank?
7/21/2010 "Lost Kafka Writings Resurface" Associated Press
6/7/2010 "Tel Aviv trial: Letters may lead to Kafka's lost works" Australian National Radio
4/12/2010 The last mystery of Franz Kafka - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
1/5/2010 In Israel, a tangled battle over the papers of Franz Kafka
9/28/2009 "Fight for Kafka's Papers" SPIEGEL
6/12/2009 Reviving Jewish culture in Poland by Kathi Diamant San Diego Jewish World
1/21/2009 "Kafka's Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant" Peterburgsky Chas Pik
8/28/2008 Kafka Papers Snarled in Cat Litter, Bidding War, Israeli Pride
Bloomberg News
8/18/2008 "Scholars await Kafka papers" The New York Times
7/15/2008 "On the Path of a Love Affair" Creators Syndicate
7/9/2008 “Franz Kafka Treasure Trove Unearthed" Telegraph, UK 
6/23/2008 Dora Diamant: Kafka's Last Love
6/20/2008 Kafka's Last Love  Radio Prague interview & article
3/31/2008 "My Quest to Solve a Mystery" in Jewish World
2/12/2008 KPBS These Days|The Hunt for Kafka's Final Writings Episode
2/4/2008 A Literary Valentine
2/3/2008 Kafka Project Tour is UT Travel Deal of the Week
3/14/2007 Dora, Kafka et moi
8/19/2006 Kafka's Doomed Love Reprinted from the Guardian
8/17/2006 Canadian Jewish News: Kafka's Las Love Review
10/3/05 BookThink: An Interview with Kathi Diamant
9/7/05 The Pomerado Newspaper Group: Kathi Diamant Speaks to Brandeis Women
9/1/05 San Diego CityBEAT: Finding Dora
8/15/04 UK Observer: Kafka's Last Love by Kathi Diamant
8/14/04 UK Guardian: War, heat and final love
8/1/04 UK Telegraph: Kafka's Last Love by Kathi Diamant
5/24/04 San Diego Union Tribune: Diamant wins the best of the best
4/12/04 The Hindu: Kafka's Last Love by Kathi Diamant
11/28/03 Baltimore Jewish Times: Kafka's Last Love
10/8/03 UK Telegraph "Kafka's Happiness"
9/10/03 Kafka's Last Love by Kathi Diamant: Tender Hands with Bloody Work to do
9/1/03 The New Statesman: "The long trial"
8/24/03 The Scotsman: Lover who gave Kafka will to live
8/17/03 Kafka's Last Love: The mystery of Dora Diamant, by Kathi Diamant: A year in the life of Mr Cheerful
8/15/03 London Times "The Lost Chapters Of A Life In Love and Letters"
8/13/03 Boston Globe "Story of Kafka's final love leaves lasting impression"
8/10/03 Guardian Unlimited Books "Dora's Trials"
7/28/03 Evening Standard (London) "Suffering for Love"
7/20/03 Sunday Herald "Kafka's Lasting Love
7/1/03 Kathi Diamant - San Diego Jewish Journal
7/1/03 Goethe-Institut New York - Showcase for New Books-Spring 2003 -Kafka's Last Love
5/30/03 Houston Chronicle May 30, 2003
6/1/03 St Petersburg Times "Finding Kafka's Last Love"
6/12/03 San Diego Reader: Kathi Diamant tracks down Kafka's Hairbrush
5/18/03 Buffalo News: The passion, heartbreak of 'Kafka's Last Love'
5/11/03: The New York Times: Books in Brief: Nonfiction 
5/9/03 Faces Forward : Writer Discovers Romance in Kafka's Happiest Chapter
4/27/03 The Washington Times: Making a Life Beyond Kafka
4/18/03 Copley News Service, San Diego Union-Tribune: For one woman, a literary quest and connection to the past
3/17/03 San Diego State University News Clip Service: Review, Kafka's Last Love


Press Releases

09/19/2008 "On the Search for Treasure." (in Czech) Respekt Literary Magazine, Prague, June 19, 2008
09/19/2008 "Franz Kafka: On the Path of a Love Affair" Creators Syndicate, August 26, 2008
01/22/2008 Valentines with Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant
7/28/2004: KPBS Names New Fundraising Anchor (Kathi Diamant)
2/23/2004: Families of Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant Meet for First Time at Celebration in London
9/25/2003: "Kafka's Last Love" Author Kathi Diamant to Read from and Discuss Her Book at the Central Library on Oct. 20
5/1/2003: Author of Kafka’s Last Love to appear at the Shakespeare & Company-Paris Literary and Arts Festival 2003
4/3/2003: The Untold Stories of Two Who Loved Franz Kafka




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