Reports and Research

Kafka Society of America Journal

The Journal of the Kafka Society of America (New International Series) published "The Search for Kafka's Lost Love Letters & Last Notebooks." The 22-page academic paper written by Kafka Project Director Kathi Diamant details the almost two-decade long search conducted by the Kafka Project.


Kafka Project Alert

Designed to identify Kafka's missing papers, the Kafka Project Alert describes the missing material, with samples of Kafka's and Dora's handwriting, names and addresses likely to appear on the envelopes, ownership and contact information should anything be found. The KP Alert is being translated into German, Polish, Czech and Slovakian to be delivered to archivists at archives, repositories and libraries throughout Eastern Europe between June and July 2008.


Berlin Research 1998

From June to September, the Kafka Project visited German Government Archives, Libraries, Civil Records Offices and Jewish Cultural Organizations. Download the Resources Report. The entire 40-page Kafka Report is available upon request for the cost of printing and shipping. Download the table of contents and list of appendices.

Hundreds of archival files were examined and detailed notes taken. Download the list of relevant file contents.

Many documents were photocopied, like the Gestapo Loss of Nationality and Property Confiscation Order, signed by Dr. Werner Best, with Dora's name on the list.

Confiscation Order
May not be reprinted without permission.

Dora's Confiscation Order
May not be reprinted without permission.


Kafka and the Third Reich

Written in 1998 for the Stiftung Topographie des Terrors, Berlin's museum of Nazi History, this report details the loss of Kafka's writings and the work of the Kafka Project to recover them. Download the report.


Poland Research 2008

In summer 2008, a second month-long Kafka Project research trip in Poland developed collaborative research efforts with the University of Silesia and the National Library in Silesia, but yielded no further information on captured German documents in the eastern territories. Download the report.


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