Franz Kafka, 1883-1924

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Kathi Diamant, Author of Kafka's Last Love
"Kathi Diamant found her life's work after a literature professor asked her if she was related to Dora Diamant, Kafka's last love..." [More]


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Franz Kafka's Last Love - The Mystery of Dora Diamant by Kathi Diamant
Franz Kafka's Last Love
Kafka's Last Love -- Press Room

Press Releases

7/28/2004: KPBS Names New Fundraising Anchor (Kathi Diamant)
2/23/2004: Families of Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant Meet for First Time at Celebration in London
9/25/2003: "Kafka's Last Love" Author Kathi Diamant to Read from and Discuss Her Book at the Central Library on Oct. 20
5/1/2003: Author of Kafka’s Last Love to appear at the Shakespeare & Company-Paris Literary and Arts Festival 2003
4/3/2003: The Untold Stories of Two Who Loved Franz Kafka

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6/12/03 San Diego Reader: Kathi Diamant tracks down Kafka's Hairbrush
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