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Kathi Diamant, Author of Kafka's Last Love
"Kathi Diamant found her life's work after a literature professor asked her if she was related to Dora Diamant, Kafka's last love..." [More]


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Franz Kafka's Last Love - The Mystery of Dora Diamant by Kathi Diamant
Franz Kafka's Last Love
About the Author, Kathi Diamant

Kathi Diamant is an award-winning broadcaster, author, actress, television talk show host and adjunct professor at San Diego State University. The founder/director of the Kafka Project at SDSU since 1998, Kathi has led the official search for a lost literary treasure, the missing papers of Franz Kafka, stolen by the Gestapo in 1933. Ms. Diamant's first book, Kafka's Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant, is result of almost two decades of in-depth immersion research into the unknown life of the remarkable Eastern European woman at the side of the literary genius Franz Kafka at his death. Published in the United States and United Kingdom in 2003, the book has been internationally and critically acclaimed for the author's original research and illuminating revelations into both Dora and Kafka's lives. The Sunday Herald (Scotland) named Kafka's Last Love one of the "Best Biographies of the Year." Kathi Diamant received the Theodor Geisel Award, "The Best of the Best" at the San Diego Book Awards on May 23, 2004. The paperback editions will be published in late summer (Basic Books, Sept 6, 2004; Vintage, August 5, 2004) and in translation in Germany and Spain in 2005.

Kathi Diamant, AuthorMs. Diamant's television career includes stints as producer and co-host at three network affiliates in North Carolina and California, including KFMB-TV’s popular live morning talk show, Sun Up San Diego, for which she received an Emmy award for Outstanding Performer in 1985. She is currently the on-air anchor for fundraising for KPBS-TV in San Diego. As a professional actress, she has appeared in dozens of leading film and stage roles. As a freelance journalist, she has written more than 500 newspaper and magazine articles on travel, arts and culture, natural history and lifestyle. Diamant is married to actor/writer Byron La Due and lives in San Diego, California.

Kathi Diamant often speaks on the following topics:

Kafka's Last Love, or Finding Dora, Getting Kafka:
The remarkable story of the search for Dora Diamant, the mysterious woman known only as the last mistress of literary genius Franz Kafka. A user-friendly introduction to Franz Kafka, one of the most important writers of the 20th century, using his aphorisms to illuminate the author's search.

Be Part of Literary History: Reclaiming Holocaust-Era Assets:
A modern-day treasure hunt with future plans for the Kafka Project. Overview of discoveries from Berlin 1998 Research Project, and plans for 2008 Eastern European Research Project to recover the lost writings of Franz Kafka. The difficulties, joys and rewards of research into the loss of a literary treasure confiscated by the Gestapo in Berlin 1933, and the author's efforts, working with the German government, to recover them.

On Becoming a Published Author: If I Did It, You Can Too!
From television talk show host to freelance writer and biographer, the author of Kafka's Last Love chronicles the process of becoming a published author. Encourages aspiring writers to continue pursuing their goals and dreams, using the obstacles they encounter as stepping stones.

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